Practice Areas

Commercial & Retail Debt Collection Litigation Attorneys Serving New York Including Nassau County, Suffolk County & Long Island

We Offer

  • Upfront analysis of collectability to save you the expense of uncollectable judgments.
  • Innovative collection strategies for a higher recovery rate than the national average.
  • Speedy exchange of information with clients, providing up to the minute status on its matters throughout the collection process.
  • Education for your staff on credit and industry best practices to help you avoid costly receivables.


Commercial Debt Collections

At the Law Office of E. Hope Greenberg we represent clients in many different types of commercial and debt collection matters, including actions to collect debts owed under loan agreements, retail installment contracts, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, goods sold and delivered, and revolving credit, including credit cards. The firm also files actions seeking judgments against business owners and other third parties on personal guaranties of corporate debts. The firm aggressively and efficiently pursues account debtors from the demand letter stage to follow-up collection efforts, and from complaint procedures through post-judgment proceedings.

Collections services include:

  • Demand Letters and diligent follow-ups
  • Lawsuits
  • Motion practice
  • Negotiated settlements
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Post-Judgment collections
  • Bank levies and wage garnishments
  • Asset seizures
  • Lien foreclosures


Collection of Unpaid Loans

We represent a number of small and large banks and finance companies in litigation to collect debts and unpaid loans. We also have extensive experience representing independent middle-market auto finance companies at all stages of the collection process   including filing replevin actions.


Professional Service Providers

Our firm represents businesses that provide a variety of professional services. Consulting firms, real estate brokers and agents owed commissions or finder’s fees, doctors and other health care professionals, and other professionals who may need a collection attorney when a client fails to pay for services rendered.